Here is my expedition blog! Thank you to my brother Steven for coming up with the name, I want to cover a few different topics:

Graffiti done by @glossblack

Graffiti done by @glossblack

  • Philadelphia: local eats, hidden places, upcoming events
  • Vacations: things to do and see at places I've been/will go
  • Stays: hotels, airbnb, resorts, anywhere with a roof and a place to sleep
    • Bucket list item: sleep under the stars in a hammock
  • Eventually, a bit about the car scene as my boyfriend is a huge car guy

Some topics I will be working toward:

  • Collaborations with other bloggers and businesses
  • Interviews mainly focused on things such as the simple joys/happiness in life

I will try to start off with weekly posts about one of the topics above and see how far that takes me.

Leave your first comment with suggestion, critiques, jokes or just introduce yourself!

The real adventure to begin shortly! Thank you for stopping by.