Becoming a Citizen of the Jungle

Hey guys and gals! If you are going to be in Cancun or Playa del Carmen and like to get your heart racing, one thing is certain, you have to visit Selvatica. They have 15 attractions and offer 5 different packages to fit your needs but I would say .. if you are going to do it, why not do it all? We did the “Gimme All” package and would without a doubt do it again! For a couple of hours, we were all citizens of the jungle!

What crazy things does the Gimme All package include?

  • Your choice of ATVs or dune buggies*

  • Swimming in 2 cenotes aka sinkholes - My favorite!!

  • Aerial bridges (sky walk)

  • Bungee swing - get a taste of the weightlessness of bungee jumping.. just not dangling from your feet but with just as much fear (refer to pictures below!)

  • 8 zip line courses (some that you can go upside down on!)

  • Tarzania (zip line roller coaster)

  • Superman zip line

  • A rock climbing wall

  • Step up - it may not look too high when you are at the bottom watching, but when you are up there and the wind starts to blow and the pole starts to move, the hard floor seems to be a lot further away!

The package also includes a door-to-door shuttle from your resort, free locker rental and delicious lunch served by your awesome guides.

*At check-in, you will sign a waver and is given the option to purchase vehicle insurance for $10 USD. We bought the ATV insurance but after riding them, we did not feel like we needed to; unless you are really reckless, you should be okay.

My absolute favorite was swimming in the 2 cenotes! The water is clear but looks green from nature underneath. It is so refreshing in the heat and after all of your activities if you are doing this last.

You have a couple of options for how you want to get into the water: zip line down holding a grip and drop in; jumping off the cliff; or you walk in. If you are doing the zip line, when the guide tells you to let go … LET GO!  I didn’t let go and ended up landing on my back. You do not need to know how to swim for these. It would help but is not a requirement. There are steps and two ropes going across the sinkhole for you to hold onto. One rope is at the top of the water for you to hold onto, while the other is a bit lower for you to stand on.

There are fish in there. Don’t be alarmed! They won’t bother you. If anything, you are bothering them. I didn't notice until I came home and watched my GoPro videos.

If you want to look for one of the cenotes yourself, I believe it is the Cenote Verde Lucero - based on my Google Maps searching =P

What makes Selvatica so special?

The Staff!

Not only did they make sure the activities went smoothly, they were also friendly, funny and relate-able. They were genuine guys who loved their job and just wanted to enjoy life. They joked with you from the very beginning and continued throughout the day. They welcomed us with drums and as we were leaving, celebrated life with drums. Afraid of one of the courses? Yes, they will ask you if you are okay but they will not let you chicken out unless they really believe you can't do it. And when you are done freaking out and finish the activity, they will make fun of you for even thinking of chickening out. And at the end of the day, they will serve you an amazing lunch as you sit back, relax and watch videos to recap your awesome day.

The Fun!

Safety is very important but so is just having a good time. There were certain things they were more strict about, like the number of people on a platform at a time, but they also know how to just let us have a good time. 

The Photos!

I don’t normally buy pictures from activities because the pictures are usually washed out by the flash and expensive, but not the pictures here. They were great quality and captured our emotions perfectly. Just wait until you see the pictures below, you will understand what I mean.

The Cause!

I wish they would have talked to us a bit about the foundations that they run. Did you know that a part of every dollar you spend at Selvatica is donated to one of their causes? There are foundations to help people, from children to elders. There is also the Seed of Life program. I did some digging about this program and it turns out you get to plant a seed to help their already beautiful jungle grow. Why didn't I get to do this!? =(

To find out more about their programs, click on this cute little seedling:

When/Where should you book

I booked directly from Selvatica’s website. I did some research on other “Cancun excursion” websites and discovered their “discounted price” is the same as Selvatica’s website. Since they were the same price, I felt safer booking directly with them.

Do not wait to book! When the customer service rep I spoke with said I should book ASAP I thought she was just trying to make sure I didn’t change my mind but when I later spoke with the activities people at the resort, they said that this package is the one that usually gets sold out. So, booking the week you are there might be a risky move. At Gran Porto resort, the package was the same price as when you booked directly on the website, so why not do it sooner rather than later.

How are you getting there?

The wonderful thing about their packages is that they all include shuttle services from resorts throughout the area. If you are booking online, there will be a drop-down menu for you to select the resorts they can pick up from. If you do not see your resort, try contacting them via the online chat or email, they were very quick to respond to my questions and very friendly.

What should you bring?

  • Biodegradable sunscreen to not harm life in the jungle and in the cenotes

  • Towel if you are doing any of the water activities

  • Change of clothes if you are doing the water activity or even the ATVs. You will get very muddy.

  • Cash for tips because the guides are so cool!

  • Credit card for insurance, souvenirs or photos

Video of the crazy adventure coming soon!

Stay tuned for the more relaxing Mexico excursions!

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So! Is anyone planning on becoming a citizen of the jungle?

Most pictures are from the Selvatica package that we purchages + sum from me.
Favorite adventure by becoming a citizen of the jungle at Selvatica in Mexico! Must do if you love adrenaline!

Favorite adventure by becoming a citizen of the jungle at Selvatica in Mexico! Must do if you love adrenaline!