Hidden Swings with a View in La Jolla

I read about “secret swings” in La Jolla with a really nice view of the beach and ocean so when I went to visit Apple in August, we went looking for it. It wasn’t that hard to find. We GPSed to Birch Aquarium and wung it a bit. When we drove passed a bridge by Scripps Institution of Oceanography, I remembered reading about having to cross the bridge to get to the swings so we parked under it. From there we wung it a bit and tried to follow whatever directions we could find from the online articles.

The Scripps Crossing Bridge itself is a sight to see with a great view of the beach. There are benches at the end of the bridge to sit and watch the sunset or do some reading during the day. The bridge is even prettier at night so stick around and listen to the waves until the sunsets.

We didn't though. We wanted to see the sunset by the swings. After crossing the bridge away from the ocean, go right when can't go straight anymore. Follow the road up the hill. When you reach the Birch Aquarium, keep following the road to the left.

Along the road, we saw the tree with the ladders I read in a blog and some girls starting to walk down from there so we decided to climb the hill where it looked like many people walked and got up to the tree with the ladder. There were 3 people climbing the tree so we asked them about the swings and was pointed to one a little to the left.

Back to climb the ladder and look for the bench swing – which we didn’t find so we went back to the single swing to watch the sunset. We asked two girls that came by about the three swings I read about online and was told they were recently taken down. They told us there was another one across the street though so we went there before heading out. This one seemed to be more popular because there is a road you could pull over on, hop out and take some pictures.

Although we did not get to see the three swings we were originally looking for, the view was still just as beautiful and the hunt for the swings made the experience more fun.

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Here are the links to the two websites we used to help us find the swings >>

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Hidden Swings and ladder in La Jolla, Southern California.

Hidden Swings and ladder in La Jolla, Southern California.