Hiking Mount Tammany of the Delaware Water Gap


Difficulty: Low intermediate
Distance: 3.5 miles
Elevation: 1,527 ft (465 m)
Parking Lot: N40 58.291 W75 07.531
Restroom: Just one gross porter potty in the parking lot

Hello everyone!

The weather is getting nice around Philly so my friends and I decided to go hiking before it gets too hot.

We looked into a couple of options but decided on Mt. Tammany for a couple of reasons. 1) The one we really wanted to go to, Rickets Glen, was still closed because of icy conditions. 2) Mt. Tammany has a nice view according to the pictures we saw and a waterfall. 3) It was a shorter hike which lets us beginners feel out our hiking abilities.

After a 2 hour drive and a quick stop at WaWa for snacks and sandwiches we arrived in a full parking lot. Tip: Do not just enter "Mount Tammany" into the GPS. My brother visited a couple days before. He entered "Mount Tammany" into the GPS and had to make a U-turn and ask for directions. We got to the parking lot by entering the following coordinates we found on NJ Hiking website: N40 58.291 W75 07.531 this took us right to the lot. We got lucky and only had to circle the lot twice before we saw someone leaving. The parking lot is small and will fill up quickly but don't worry! If you are okay with walking a little further, there are parking lots across the road. Also, beware of visible belongs in your car. There were signs posted everywhere about recent break-ins.

If you are like us and gets grossed out easily, find a pit stop before you arrive. There is one porter potty in the lot. We debated about using it and when we decided to give it a shot, a man exited the porter potty with a really disgusted face and said to his friend, "it's so bad." We turned around immediately. "We'll just sweat it out."

Do you like to climb big rocks or prefer lots of pebbles?

If you do not mind climbing a steep wall with big rocks for a little bit, take the red trail. To start at the red trail, look for the steps on the right of the parking lot when you enter. If you prefer an easier trail that is not as steep but has lots of little rocks and pebbles, look for the little bridge behind the porter potty. This will take you to the blue trail. If you want to make a full loop instead of going up and down the same trail, I would recommend going up the red and down the blue. This is what we did. It looks us about 4.5 hours to complete the whole red to blue loop including a lunch break at the top.

All the trails are very visibly marked and do not split often so you do not have to worry about getting lost.

Blue Trail = Refreshing Icy Cold Waterfall

If you start with the blue trail, there will be a stream to your right and as you continue on, you will quickly reach an ice cold little waterfall. I personally thought this was a great way to end your hike.

Red Trail = Iconic View of the Delaware Water Gap

About half a mile up this trail you will arrive at the spot that many has photographed. We were surprised how quickly we got to the viewing spot. But don't stop! Keep going!

After this first viewing spot, will begin the steep rocky climbs. The rocks are pretty big and sturdy which actually made it easy to climb.

What to wear?

It was about 62°F and mostly sunny on the day we went. I wore sneakers, hiking pants that can be rolled up, a sports t-shirt and a light jacket that I only wore on the way down after it got chillier out. The trails weren't too bad that you would need to wear hiking boots but they would help. Something with ankle a good ankle support. Either short pants or long pants would be okay. There weren't any brushes or tall grass around you might scratch your legs on the rocks if you slip.

The essentials in my backpack included: three bottles of water, a flashlight, bandaids, plastic bags, an extra pair of socks and a mini carabiner. Extra socks in case my socks got wet because I can't stand wet socks. This worked out because it let me get in the water! The plastic bag for trash and my wet socks and the mini carabiner to hook the used plastic bag to the outside of my backpack.

Staying Overnight?

If I were to stay overnight, I would probably stay at this AirBnB. You get this entire home to yourself or your group up to 6 people right on the Delaware River. The cabin walls are adorable and there is an outdoor fireplace. What!? Yes! You can also get into the river if you have your own canoes or kayaks. To be honest, the beds look a bit old school but I will accept that.

The price is about $150 per night but play around with the dates a bit to find a better deal.

Let a comment if you have any questions! Either I or a fellow hiking can help you out.

Mini Hike Guide to Mount Tammany on the east side of the Delaware Water Gap in New Jersey.

Mini Hike Guide to Mount Tammany on the east side of the Delaware Water Gap in New Jersey.

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Thank you for stopping by! Go out and start enjoying spring!