Airbnb: Mountain in the Backyard (Monrovia, California)

The Breakdown

Price: about $110 per night
Location: Monrovia, Southern California
House type: Private pool house
Parking: One spot in front of the garage
Shower: Powerful!
Bonuses: A mountain! Fireplace, year round hot tub and seasonal pool
Host: Extremely friendly and welcoming (we even came home to homemade banana bread one night!
Would we stay again: Oh yeah! We didn’t want to leave in the first place!

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Taking advantage of having Good Friday off, I took a trip out to Southern California to visit the boyfriend. The perks of having a job that allows pretty flexible work from home schedules.

We rented a relaxing Airbnb that is actually the pool house of George and Marie, a retired couple originally from Seattle and London for some time. Scrolling through the pictures of the house on Airbnb, we never would have guessed it was a pool house. The inside was simply and beautifully furnished, fully stocked with everyday essentials and most importantly, very clean.

George provided detailed descriptions as to how to find the house, park and get to the pool house. When we arrived around 11 PM George greeted us in front of the garage as we collect our luggage to move inside. The walkway to the pool house passes the side of the garage and the main house. George walked us to the pool house to give us a quick tour and turned on the fireplace for us. We feel in love with the place immediately.

The Inside

The bathroom and kitchen were fully stocked with essentials, all the switches and remotes were labels so we didn’t have to play the on-off guessing game, there was a fire place and two space heaters. The fire place is the main source of heat. We only needed it at night and it was nice to have just to enjoy and sit by the fire. The fridge was stocked with a new carton of orange juice, milk, and water. There were fresh fruits on the counter and even cereal and tea.

On the living room table was a very detailed guide book as to how to operate the TV, WIFI and recommendation of near by places for food and activity was provided. We spent a little time the next time chatting with George and got even more recommendation. Huntington Library is a much go!

Since it is a pool house, there is a tone of natural light. The house has to be the cleanest place I’ve ever rented. Even top notch hotels we’ve stayed at are not as clean and detailed. I have to talk about the shower because that plays a big role when I look for a place. Although the shower is small, it was so clean I did not feel grossed out. The water pressure was good and the hot water actually gets hot right away.

The Landscape

Now let’s talk about the outside. We learned that George studied botany for a little while which explained why their backyard was so beautifully decorated with all different types of plants - lots of succulents because you know .. California is in a drought.

There is an 8ft pool, a hot tub, multiple areas to sit in the shade and relax. Enjoy the view of nature and the mountain in the background. Yes! A mountain! I am adding a mountain to my future home checklist. 

George said they are occasionally visited by bears, deers and mountain lions. If you would like to see bears, rent a stay on Sunday nights when the trash is taken out. They also like to take a dip in the pool.

The Neighborhood

All of the houses in the area were all different - something pretty different than Philly were all the houses are cookie cutter houses. There is greenery all around from all trees lining the streets to circle and square shaped bushes. The neighborhood was mostly quiet and we only heard anything from our neighbor’s house on Sunday morning. I would love to live in this area. It’s relaxing and naturally beautiful. I can see why they chose this place to retire.

Things to Do Near By & Tips

You must must must stop by Nano's Cafe for breakfast and get the kimchi sweet potato fries! They serve breakfast here all day. We only came on our first day but I have been craving those kimchi sweet potato fries ever since. I did not really pay attention to the menu because I came here with a mission in mind - I wanted french toast and french toast I got. After we placed our orders with Sabrina, she for some reason mentioned the kimchi sweet potato fries. As soon as I heard that I asked for an order right away. I discovered and feel in love with kimchi fries at a food truck in college that is no longer there. They only served it with regular fries though.

When these kimchi sweet potato fries came out smelling like heaven, I could not stop smiling. I was so happy and excited. The fries had the perfect crisp texture and they even put an egg on top! By the time the french toast came out, I was already satisfied. I will be back soon for more fries! 

Okay .. enough of those delicious fries. Let's get into being more active. Burn off some of those calories by taking a little hike at Monrovia Canyon Park to see a 30 foot waterfall - don't worry about packing everything on your "hiking checklist". It's a very relaxing hike. There is a very funny story about our hike coming soon.

For the culture and flower lovers, visit The Huntington Garden. Cone in the early morning or later afternoon to avoid the ridiculous California afternoon energy sucking sun. Or you can hide from the sun in their library and art galleys. We decided on going back to the house for a nap instead.

A mountain view in your backyard, a fireplace, an 8 foot pool and a hot tub. What more can you ask for in an Airbnb? Especially when you are staying in a pool house that looks better than most apartments. This Airbnb in Monrovia, Southern California will make you think about retiring here early.

A mountain view in your backyard, a fireplace, an 8 foot pool and a hot tub. What more can you ask for in an Airbnb? Especially when you are staying in a pool house that looks better than most apartments. This Airbnb in Monrovia, Southern California will make you think about retiring here early.

If you have any questions about this location, other Airbnb recommendation leave a comment!