Monrovia Canyon Park: Monrovia Waterfall

The Breakdown

Difficulty: Easy
Distance: Depends where you start
Hours: Weekdays 8 AM - 5 PM; Weekends 7 AM - 5 PM
Admission: $5 per car on weekdays; $6 on weekends and holidays
Parking: 2 lots at the bottom, 1 at the Nature Center, street parking all the way at the bottom
Restroom: At the Nature Center and picnic area

Monrovia is a cute little area where I feel is good for family and older couples. It’s quiet and everyone has their own little space.

We pass by a sign that points us to Monrovia Canyon Park on our way to our Airbnb house but did not pay it any attention until our host, George, told us about it. It was only 1.5 miles from our house making it an easy trip.

Research online says that many people will park in the residential area before the park entrance to avoid paying the parking fee. Normally, we would probably do that too but when we went, we did not see that line of cars yet. Turns out it was if you were coming from the main street. We came from a different street because of where our house was located.

We drove up the road until we say a small parking lot and park ranger station. It’s a very small lot that fits maybe 10 cars. There is another lot right after you enter the gate and further up at the Nature Center.

When there is not a staff member at the parking gate, the parking fee will go by the honor system. There is a little green bird house with envelopes telling you to put the parking fee in the envelope, rip off the ticket stub, deposits the envelope in the box and display the ticket stub on your dashboard.

Come early if you want to park and start the hike at the bottom. We decided to keep driving until we found another parking lot at the Nature Center at the top. I guess no one wanted to start the hike up here because there was only two other cars.

To find the trail, head over to Samson the Bear, take a picture with him then go around to the back of the Nature Center building. There you will find the only trail. We made the mistake of following the paved road ended up at a fenced off restricted zone. We got back in the truck and almost headed back down when two ladies walked by. We asked them where to find the trail to the waterfall. They told us there was one behind the building and two other down below.

At the start of the top trail, there is a sign telling you it is 3/4 miles to the waterfall and not to steal the bears’ friends. Sadly, Samson was the only bear we saw.

The trail is an easy shaded trail. There are some parts that are a little steeper but no need for climbing or crab walking. It did get a little chilly at 10 AM so bring a light jacket.

There were many families with dogs and kids hiking as well. It seemed like this is a very local travel as everyone we talked sounds like they come often.

When you begin to hear the waterfall and see a little stream on your right is when you know you have made it. Now brace yourself! This 30 foot waterfall reminded me of a sink faucet. HAhahha both Apple and I laughed when we saw the waterfall. It was a sad waterfall.

In the end, we still enjoyed our little hike and the waterfall. We had a good laugh out of it and moved on with the rest of our day.

Honestly, unless you are looking for a little workout and to get out, this hike is not worth a long drive over to see. Luckily, we were only 10 minutes away. If you want more than 3/4 miles of walking and nature, come early to get a spot in the lower parking lots or park in the residential area. The walk up from there is on the road that people drive up so be careful.

Monrovia Canyon Park - a leisurely little hike in Souther California, with lots of little flies, no bears and a little bit of water. Still! It was a nice morning hike full of shade and fresh air.

Monrovia Canyon Park - a leisurely little hike in Souther California, with lots of little flies, no bears and a little bit of water. Still! It was a nice morning hike full of shade and fresh air.

Happy hiking! Let me know if the waterfall gets more water! Haha