The Lantern Fest (Promo Code)

Lantern Fest Promo Code: LANTERNSYAY

(Update: The promo code has reached the limit of uses. I hope everyone who got to use it enjoyed the festival! I sure did!)

Hi guys!

If you haven't already heard of the lantern fest, I know you've at least seem pictures of these lanterns in the sky in pictures or movies (Tangled!) Think mini-hot air balloons.

It is on my bucket list to attend the Yi Peng Lantern Festival in Thailand some day - partly because of how amazing it looks and partly because I didn't know there were lantern festivals closer to me. Well guess what guys! There are lantern festivals in the states too! I was so excited when I found out and immediately ordered passes for the one in the Pocono's in PA next month.

I've reached out to the lantern fest about my excitement and got a promo code for everyone like me! You can use the promo code "LANTERNSYAY" for 20% off your pass. Kids under 3 are free so it's perfect for kids and adults who won't accept adulthood - like me!

Included in the pass:

  • A wristband to get in
  • A lantern to send off
  • A market to write your wishes
  • A lighter to set the flames
  • And a s'mores kit!


Things to Bring

  • Glow sticks
  • A blanket or chairs to sit on
  • A warm jacket
  • Bug spray
  • Tripod
  • Time-lapse remote

Pocono's Information:

  • Date: Saturday, September 10, 2016
  • Address: Poconos Raceway, 1234 Long Pond Rd, Long Pond, Pennsylvania, 18334
    (wahh raceway? Fast cars!?)
  • Balloons being to go up after sunset
  • Enjoy food, live music, a stage show and maybe find the lost princess before sunset
  • For additional information and information on other locations, check the helpful links below.

Not that you need any convincing but to get you even more excited, check out this fun video by Dui Q from the Lantern Fest in Reno, NV. I'm sure I will be a lot less coordinated then these guys!

Note: None of these pictures or videos are mine. I was given permission to use the pictures by The Lantern Fest to use them. As for the video, I am sharing from YouTube. All credit belong to the rightful owners.

See you Sept. 10th?