Lantern Fest is Back!

Lantern festivals have always been on my bucket list. I always thought I'd have to go to Asia to experience it so when Lantern Fest was coming to the Pocono's last year I was really excited. The feel you get when you witness thousands of lanterns floating into the sky at one time is indescribable.

Below are some tips we learned from last year's festival that will give you a better experience.

Tips based on last year

  • Bring a BBQ lighter because the regular lighter gets hot 
  • Bring little snacks to avoid the crazy long food lines
  • Bring a flashlight or little lamp. There are fire pits and tiki sticks all over but a lamp is good for when you are ready to pack up and make sure you don't forget anything. 
  • Bring lawn chairs, blankets, maybe even a blow up couch. We saw quite a few blow up couches - didn't get to see them put it up or take it down but they looked comfortable! 
  • Come a bit earlier if you want to guarantee a fire pit. We lucked out with a pit. A big group near by offered us one of their pits.
  • Bring a jacket - it gets chilly at night!
  • Set up your tripod before the time the lanterns get released so you can focus on getting your lantern up and enjoying the view

Most importantly, take a minute to put the phones and cameras down and just enjoy the view.

Some basic info

  • Pack opens at 4 PM
  • Lanterns won't go up until the sun has set
  • Parking is $10

This year, the event will be head at Maple Grove Raceway - about an hour outside of Philly.

For tickets and more information, check out Lantern Fest's website here.