Dragon Boat Racing in Philadelphia

The first day of spring in Philly was greeted with snow. So much snow that trains were running on different schedules, schools were canceled and my dad got to play with his snowblower. But warmer weather is on the way! And that means getting back in the dragon boats and on the Schuylkill River.

Pennsylvania Dragon Boat Club (PDBC) has been actively getting ready for the season with weekend land practice consisting of backward Spidermans up the Art Museum steps and too many push-ups. When the weather is nice, and sometimes when it's pouring rain, we get in the boats Saturday and Sunday mornings to paddle away. The first official paddle day for the season has been announced - Saturday, March 31st. I will add the Facebook event page in the links section at the bottom. I'm excited to get back on the water! I didn't really think I would stay excited about physical activity but being on the water makes it less painful.

Below is a little post that I drafted in June last year. Much more has happened between June and the end of the season like winning my first two medals with the team! *Woohoo!

So enjoy the blurb below from me 9 months ago. Let me know if you have any question about dragon boat or paddling and come out March 31st! Everyone is welcome. No experience is required. You don't even have to know how to swim! We'll have lifejackets for you =)

It has been three months since my first time paddling in a dragon boat and quite a bit has happened. We’ve been in two official races, an unofficial women’s scrimmage, hosted an event with hg Athletes and bid farewell to a teammate.

The Independent Dragon Boat Regatta in Philly was my first time at a dragon boat race. And another regatta in Baltimore at the Under Armor World Headquarter was my first time racing. The most important thing I learned from both races: if you are having fun with your team, 10 hours can go by pretty quickly. Also, hummus and eggs on toast is delicious.

The Gurlz Boat had a scrimmage and social with two women’s team in Philly. Those are some extremely powerful women! Most of them are really muscular and have been paddling for many years. It was a privilege to race against and with them. Because the women scrimmage was very unofficial, part of the fun of it was poaching. The winning team got to swap a row from the losing team. I was in the row that was selected. The paddling style of the two boats were completely different. Both with their own strategy and power. In just one race, my partner and I learned a lot.

Early June, PDBC + hg Athletes teamed up to hosted a collaborative social for people interested in paddling and socializing over sandwiches and beer courtesy of honeygrow.

And a little on the sad side, we bid farewell to a teammate and friend, Chi-e. Chi-e moved back to Malaysia. She was one of the first people on the team I quickly got comfortable with. She gave me pointers and encouragement every time we erged and paddled together. But most importantly, she was my hairstylist =P She liked to try out new ways of braiding and I always wanted my hair braided - perfect match! I miss you, Chi-e! Can’t wait to see you in Malaysia!

So! If you are in the Philadelphia area and would like to see for yourself just how much fun we have on and off the boat, send me a message or head over to PDBC’s website and send a message directly to the team. Also reach out, if you are a company looking for a new way to do team building. Your team will enjoy this so much more than mini golf and bowling ;)

Helpful Links

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