Tips From Our First EDC Las Vegas Experience

⚡️ The very first tip: go! If you've never been before, you're missing out. If you think you are too old for it, you're not! There are people there of all ages and all are welcome! It is there motto after all.

There is something about being at EDC or even on your way to EDC that allows everyone to let go of judgement and accept everyone. Traffic getting to the event the first night was almost it's own party. If it wasn't so hot out, I'm sure more people would be dancing in the car with their windows down and music blasting. We saw a car passing drinks and they didn't even know each other!

But in all seriousness, if I learned anything from this weekend it is to invest in your own hydration pack and share the good vibes✌️ It is such a nice feeling when you are dancing with your crew and join another group nearby or someone joins you. Everyone is there to dance and have a good time. So many different personalities all meshing - dancing together, trading Kandi, PLUR - I just learned what PLUR meant this weekend 😋  peace, love, unity, respect. And the other thing learned, always stay hydrated .. that's just a given.

Don't worry too much about trying to catch every artist you like. That time wasted going back and forth between stages could be time well spent with your ravefam. Pick a couple of main artists you'd like to see and just enjoy dancing the night away with your fam. I don't even remember everyone we saw the first night. I just know we had a great time. We started at the Kinetic Field with GTA then just stayed there until we needed to refill our hydration packs. Plus, discovering an artist you didn't know you liked before is part of the fun!

Home survival tip: Dino Nuggets and Pizza Rolls! When the fam had Dino nuggets on the checklist, I thought they were either kidding or really into dinosaurs. It turned out to be such a great quick meal for when you wake up after a long night of dancing. It is now going to be our rave tradition 😝

And sadly, post rave depression is real! It is sooo real. You go from the most carefree nights of your life back to reality and that hits hard. Not just because you are going back to the daily grind but you go from the most open, welcoming places to the real world where most people have their defenses up and going up to random people will just get you strange looks.

Tips From Our First EDC Las Vegas Experience - Kinetic Field

Important Tips and Lessons Learned

  • Head there early - we stayed about 15 miles from the festival. On the first day, we left around 7:30 PM. It took us two hours to get to the parking lot! The next days, we left at 6 PM and got there in about 30 minutes. The last day we left around 6:30 PM and got there in about an hour. It's worth going early. Dusk till dawn! Parking lots open at 5 PM. Gates open at 7 PM. By the time you get through security, the sun is already setting. By the time you enter the venue, the tall bleachers will have covered most of the sunset so you don't have to worry too much about the sun burning you as soon as it touches your skin - the Vegas sun BURNS! Oh and the earlier you're there, the shorter the lines for the rides are.
  • Car over shuttle - we drove to the festival and purchased the premier parking pass. I would recommend driving because being stuck in traffic in your own air conditioned car is much better than waiting in line when the sun is rising to get on the shuttle then being in traffic on the bus. Whether premier parking is worth it is up for debate. The premier parking lot was full the first and last night so we ended up having to park in the general lot. The second day, we arrived maybe 20 minutes before the gates opened so there were still a couple spots left in premier parking. The ticketing staff got us real good the first night! She scanned our parking pass and said real seriously, "you have to activate it." We all looked at each other like O.O .. we f***ed up. But then she laughed and said, "I'm just f***ing with you!" DUDE! We were just in traffic for two hours! LOL we were not ready for that!
  • Make sure your car is in good order - we rented an Infinite QX56 from Turo - the ac would blow hot air if the car moved slowly. On our first night heading to the festival, we were in crawling or non-moving traffic. About an hour in, the overheating light came on. We turned off the ac and rolled down the windows. Thankfully, we made it to the festival and back just fine. That same night, we saw a couple of cars pulled over on the side of the road and festival goers walking to the venue. Check your cars guys! Seriously!
  • Take group pictures first then put your camera away - I am really sad we do not have a single full group picture! We were having too much fun as soon as we stepped through the doors. But on the bright side, we definitely enjoyed every moment! This is why this may be the post with the least amount of pictures.
  • Put everything in a ziplock bag - id, phone, credit card, chapstick, etc. It'll make emptying your bag at security quicker and less messy. You'll also be able to find what you need without digging through your bag.
  • Pick a good meet up spot - somewhere easy to remember and close to where you guys will spend most of the time. Don't pick anything that may move. And don't just pick "the ferris wheel" cause there were three! LOL we learned that lesson the first night. You can't pick "at the car" either. Unless it's for the end of the night. No reentry allowed.
  • Timestamp messages - signal and data is spotty here. Add the time when you are sending the message. For example: At the meet up spot at 1:23 AM. If you get a message from someone who sent it two hours ago, you know they are probably not still at the same spot.
  • Add a phone number to your lock screen wallpaper - we saw this tip online and thought it was a great idea. Updated your lock screen wallpaper to include the phone number of someone in your group. Not even 10 minutes into the first set, we found a phone on the ground. We asked people that were around if it was theirs but no one claimed it. The phone was lock so we couldn't call or message anyone. Somehow an email was all we could get from it so we emailed them - haven't gotten a response.
  • Locate medical tents - locate the medical tents when you first enter - just in case. Do not risk a life for the fear of getting in trouble because of drugs or anything else. There is a rule that you will not get in any trouble if you seek help for drug use or simply dehydration. If you bring someone to the tent and you, they or both of you are on something, neither of you will get in trouble. Be smart! Be safe!
Tips From Our First EDC Las Vegas Experience - entrance

Highly Recommended Essentials

  • Bring your own hydration pack - it's totally worth the investment! You want to stay hydrated throughout the night and you'd want your hands free to dance around instead of holding a water bottle and having to refill that more often. I think a 2 liter pack is a good size to keep you hydrated without being too annoying to jump around with.
  • Refill water whenever you get the chance - there are designated free water refill stations that were great and convenient. The lines moved really quickly and the staff were super friendly.
  • Wet wipes - it'll feel so good to wipe down your arms and neck once in a while. You'll be very sweaty. Lots of other very sweaty people will be bumping into you.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Small lock for your backpack - I felt like this crowd was not about that pickpocketing but I did read on Instagram some people had their things stolen. Who knows - maybe it was, maybe it wasn't.
  • Bandaid - you'll never know when you might need one. I also recommend putting it on your ankles.
  • Small folding fan - we brought of small folding hand fan and you will be amazed at how good it feels to get that air once in a while. There are plenty of other people with them. Many groups of people trying to maneuver their way through the crowd are usually fanning their way through. It feels soooo good and makes it more fun. If not, there were also people with spray bottles. It felt AMAZING whenever you get sprayed but I'm not sure I want to carry that around.

*I've included a couple links to some of these items in the "Helpful Links" section below.

Tips From Our First EDC Las Vegas Experience - sunrise

HUGE shoutout to BuzzPopCocktail from Reddit for free ice! My brother was following an EDC forum on Reddit when BuzzPopCocktail said they wanted to give back to the rave community and asked what we would most like. Ice was the winner! They worked with their higher ups and was able to provide some lucky Redditors a wristband for free ice. Thank you so so much!! 💕

For all my travelers out there, there are free postcards that you can send! Look for the "post office" in EDC Town. 📮

This weekend will be one that I will always look back at and remember how carefree and happy everyone was. I am extremely thankful for my brother and his friends for letting me tag along with them on this trip. We are one big ravefam now and I cannot wait until our next nights under the electric sky together! Turnip fam! "That was fire." 🔥

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. And the most ridiculous pictures and videos are for ravefam blackmail only; not public knowledge 😂✌️

Pictures and video clip credits also goes to some of the fam! <3

(Video down (/").("\) Hang tight. I'm working on getting it back up.)

Helpful Links