📝 It's my birthday! ðŸ¥³ In the past year, I have gone to many raves, a trip to Europe, Asia, Canada. Fu and I are together and he treats me extremely well. He is very patient with me and makes me fat. I have been more active on my blog. I care less about how proper each post is and just write for fun and reflection. I became friends with my coworkers where I can invite them to hang out outside of work and look forward to going to work and seeing them and joking with them. But I just changed teams. Just really started with them this week. I hope to grow the same kind of relationship with the new team that I had with my old team. I want to have a side gig/hussle for some extra income that may open more opportunity to other career choices in my life. I want to network more, learn more recipes, workout and get fit, stop buying so much useless things, build stronger relationships with people who are already in my life and anyone who wants to come into my life. All the kids are growing up faster and faster and drifting further away. I want to make sure we do not drift to far apart while still understanding they are at the age where they will be discovering, rediscovering, questioning and figuring out who they are and their purpose in life. I want them to know I don't always sound like I ðŸ’¯support them at first but in the end, I will always ðŸ’¯support them. I want to work on my photo editing skills. And my drone and video skills. I want to be more consistent with putting post trip videos together but not have the pressure that I HAVE to do it. I want to work on my emotions. My life is pretty good. What do I really have to get so upset about all the time. I have been extremely lucky in all aspects of my life. I want to focus on that and focus on the good. I want challenges that will help me grow and bring new perspective to my life. Nothing that will emotionally break me down though. I don't want those even if it helps in the long run. I want to stay in a positive mindset and emotion. I should probably drink more milk. What is one random thing I want to learn this year? ðŸ¤”How to ride a motorcycle again? How to be functional on a skateboard or longboard? Maybe one of those two. Maybe I'll figure that out later. ðŸ’â€â™€ï¸