Beach Views and Snorkeling with Nusa Penida Journeys

Thuy went on a tour with Nusa Penida Journeys last year and recommended them to us when we went to Bali this year. And now I want to recommend it to everyone else who is going!

We contacted the company through WhatsApp and was able to quickly and easily book our Mix Tour. The Mix Tour included visiting Angel Billabong, Pasih Uug/Broken Beach, Kelingking Beach and snorkeling at Crystal Bay and Gamat Bay. Angel Billabong and Broken Beach are at the same place.

Hotel pick-up and drop-off, boat tickets, lunch, bottled water, and towels were also included. It's nice to not have to bring your own towel! Air-conditioned vans were the best part cause it was a really hot day. 🥵

We were picked up at our Airbnb promptly at 6:40 AM. Our driver brought us to the dock, checked us in, gave us our passes and tickets and let us wander around the area for a bit. We had about 45 minutes before our speedboat was leaving.

There are little stalls nearby setting up to sell souvenirs, a little bakery that was already open, people selling tofu from their buckets and people swimming.

We flew the drone and got some hot tofu and egg roll like things covered in a gravy-like sauce from a lady nearby.

When it was time to get on the boat, our driver came to get us, walked us to the boat, wished us a fun day and was on his way.

You’ll be walking through the water to get onto the boat. There will be a bucket for you to put your shoes in. I would recommend just holding onto your shoes. The bucket gets dumped out when you arrive at the Nusa Penida dock. Everyone is scrambling to find their shoes.

‼️ KEEP YOUR BOAT TICKET! It is also your ticket back later. Once the boat starts moving, someone will come around to collect your pass and rip your boat ticket in half. Make sure to get the other half back. That’s your ticket home.

When we arrived at Nusa Penida, Gede had a sign with my name in pink. He walked us to our van and drove us about an hour to Angel Billabong and Pasih Uug/Broken Beach. We were in a closed, air-conditioned van. We saw people in an open van from a different company. It looked fun but it was a hot day and it was dusty out so we were thankful for the closed van.

The roads are so narrow and bumpy we were glad we had an experienced driver instead of trying to drive ourselves. Gede even joked it was a “traditional massage.”

At Angel Billabong and Pasih Uug/Broken Beach, Gede went from being our driver to our tour guide and photographer. He showed us the spots to stand for pictures and gave us different pose ideas. We went with Fu’s “did you see my beachball? It’s about this big. It might have went over there.” 🤣

It was really windy at the top of Broken Beach. Great because there was no shade anywhere to hide from the scorching sun. 🥵

On our circle back to the car, I saw a guy setting up his drone. It was the same one I have - Mavic Air. I wanted to fly when we arrived but it was so windy I figured it wouldn’t fly very well. But his took off just fine. I went over to ask him how the signal was. He seemed wary of me approaching first until I mentioned that I have one too and was just trying to feel out the flying conditions. #illflyifyoufly 🚁 His drone was doing fine so I flew mine real quick. Too scared to fly it over the big hole over the beach though. Should have done it!

We hopped back in the van for our next stop, Kelingking Beach - dinosaur head! 🦖 I was surprised that seeing the dinosaur was just a walk from the parking lot. Not much effort at all unless you want to go down to the beach. It takes about an hour to get down so if you want to do that, make sure you let the company know ahead of time so they can work out the schedule with you. We didn't go down. We looked from the top while Gede took a bunch of pictures for us. He even climbed a tree to get a cool angle! I always wanted to climb a tree and this one was not very pokey and had easy to climb branches so up I went!

We also saw other people with drones flying here. We could hear a couple of them as we approached the viewpoints. What is it with drone people being so .. unfriendly when approached?

For lunch, Gede took us to Kubang Kori Uda Resto. It was pretty good. There is a menu of items that were included in the tour package. If you want to order anything else off the bigger menu, feel free. For the meals included, you can choose from Mie goreng (stir fried noodles), Nasi goreng (fried rice) or chicken satay. Certain drinks were also included. Lo’s iced tea tasted water down.

After lunch was snorkeling. We had a private boat with a captain!

The water was so blue and beautiful. We all agreed that this location had the most fish and prettiest fish of all the snorkeling places we've been through in other countries! Gede and the captain also threw bread in so they would come to us more.

We had almost three hours to spend in the water before our boat ride back to Bali. You can stay in the water as long as you’d like or take a break on the boat. Chat with the guys! They're really cool!

I like that they don’t make us keep our lifevest on. I can swim a bit and the lifevest usually feels restricting. And they let me sit on the tip of the boat while we moved locations. Then they let me jump off! They did have to throw me the life ring at our second location though. The currents were pretty strong so I was struggling to get back to the boat. No rush. No danger. Just trying to take my time getting back. But they threw it in and let me just float hanging on it. We still have so much time so they didn’t pull me back in.

They also had a GoPro that they took pictures of us and sent to us.

Make sure to bring a couple of bucks to pay the store to use their bathroom to change when you get back. I believe it was 5000 IDR to use their bathroom.

When it was time for us to go back, Gede brought us to the boat, checked us in, gave us our passes and waited with us until we got on. This was also the time we paid for our tour.

There was a little girl at one of the market stands making something with sticky rice. She was jolly and dancey as she was making it. She smiled at me when she noticed me watching. Later, when we were waiting to board the ferry, she saw me again, smiled and waved 🤗☺️

We knocked out so quickly on the boat. When we got back, the tides were high so it was a struggle for a lot of people to get off the boat. Thankfully, there were people there to help. Your pants will most likely get wet still.

When we finally got off, our driver from this morning was there waiting for us. He walked us to the car and dropped us off. I knocked out in the car so I didn't get to talk to him much but I heard from Fu and Lo they chatted with him a bit.

For all of this, the price we paid was definitely well worth it! The most important thing for me was that our driver, guide and captain were really laid back and fun to talk to. We paid $120 USD per person and tipped the drivers.

The company was very good at communication. They were quick to respond to questions and they messaged us the day before to confirm our pick-up location.

Thank you for the wonderful experience! When we are back, we want to do the east tour!

Tour Contact Information

  • Website
  • WhatsApp: +62 821 4404 4666

Photos from Gede, Lo, Fu & me - recap video of the whole Bali trip coming one day!