I almost didn’t go out to bike this morning because I knew it would be hot and humid out. I’m glad I got my lazy butt up though.

Instead of the usual ride along Pennslanding to Race Street Pier, I decided to bike to Franklin Square to check out the lanterns. The ride down 4th street was nice. Since it was so early, there were only a couple cars out.

As I was pulling up to the gates of the park, I got pretty upset they were closed. There is a lantern event that the park started having a couple of years back. There are tall fences all lined up around the park. I knew they start charging admission after 6:00 PM but remembered they had the park open to the public before that. This was upsetting because I know the senior citizens of Chinatown comes to this park very early in the morning to stretch, socialize and do tai chi.

I biked to the playground side and noticed an elderly man sitting on the swing enjoying being outside. I went to sit in the playground and write.

A bit later, the security guard came up to me and asked where everyone was. I was confused. Turns out the park is open at 6:00 AM! The big gates just weren’t open yet but we could enter through the playground.

The groups of seniors started rolling in to continue their morning routine. I was upset for nothing. 😅 I am glad the city thought about the community when they planned the access to the park. 🙌

I asked the security guard if I could fly the drone. Yup! She was very excited about it so I gave her her first flying lesson. She did a great job! This drone has been many people’s first flight. I like seeing how excited people get during their first flight. I don’t mind letting people fly it. I just make sure we are in a big open area where we are less likely to hit anything. And hope that no birds attack us. 😆🦚

We chatted for a bit afterward. Her name is Cynthia. She loves to cook and is planning to open a restaurant in Philly. I volunteered to help take pictures and help promote her store when she opens it. And eat a lot. 🤤 We’re planning to join the tai chi group one day.

It’s random connections like these that I enjoy so much. A lot of times, these connections happen when I am wandering around early in the morning. Is it something about morning people? I am definitely a morning person. It is also whenever I am alone. It is just easier to randomly chat with a straighter when it is 1-on-1. They are more likely to approach and I am more likely to approach. 🚲