Bye Ezoo

This year's Ezoo started off a bit rocky. Our original Airbnb cancelled on us two weeks before the event, the subway we needed to take to the venue on Friday stopped running, we were in between two very smokey, very pushy, rude groups of people at main stage. I also am not a fan of New York in general. We learned later that Minh and I both had thoughts of taking a break from Ezoo after this year without saying it out loud. But that all changed day 2 and 3. We met some cool people who brought back to us the reason we enjoy going to these things so much. 

The random people we end up dancing with all night because of the mutual love for the music. The people who talk to us when we're by ourselves and introduce us to the rest of their group so we're not alone. Finding that trance brother that loves the same artists and has as much energy as we do. πŸ’•

Those moments at the festival with random sweaty people we hug and dance with and the moments with the fam at the house are the reasons I keep going back.

So Ezoo, see you next year! But please fix the water situation. πŸ˜΅

Edit Below on September 6, 2019 πŸ“

The title of this post was originally β€œAlmost Our Last Ezoo”. That was mainly because of the kind of crowd that is widely found at Ezoo. But on day 2 and 3, when we found some cool people that made us change our minds.

But now, reading about all the sexual harassment cases with security, whether I go next year will greatly depend on their responses and actions they take with what people are telling them. [Nevermind. Thanks for giving me the extra reason to not go back. ✌️]

Our group did not have any problem with security. Besides the fact that a couple of the ID checking guys couldn't reach a couple inches to throw the stickers into the trash bin but instead threw it on the ground, I was fine with them. We got through pretty quickly. I was only patted on my hips and was free to go. I am extremely upset reading these stories from other guys and girls that had to go through inappropriate touching and STRIP searches. For real!? I just don't understand that! If they are searching for weapons, okay. I understand. Kind of. Safety of everyone. But you're just looking for drugs. You know a bunch of people have drugs. Honestly, if they want to do it, let them. Prepare your staff to handle it if anything happens.

What I find interesting is that they posted on Facebook about being safe using drugs. So you already know! So educate people on safety. Provide resources for people to be as safe as they can. Educate your staff.

There are too many festivals in the world, with better crowds, better production, better pretty much everything for me to support a festival like this one.

Every year people plead for Ezoo to add more water stations. They can't even do that or figure out how to organize that simple task. How will they handle something else much more serious.

We shall see.

Ezoo drug warning

πŸ“· Laser pictures from Fu

πŸ“Ή Video maybe to come