Glen Onoko Falls Hike

Difficulty: High intermediate
Distance: 2.2 miles
Time: 2 hours with lots of stops for pictures
Elevation: 1,527 ft (465 m)
Parking Lot: 40.882005, -75.762721 // There are four of them. This is the one with the cave.
Restroom: Nature itself

I've only gotten into hiking more recently and I can say that this one so far is my favorite one! I love being near water so all the waterfalls along this trail made me feel relaxed. It was a considerably short trail but what made it difficult were all the rocks you had to climb. Luckily, these were big rocks, which I prefer over pebbles.

The trail was fully loaded with warning signs of how dangerous it is. When we started, we ran into a group of people who had just finished the hike:

Us: How was it?
Group: It was good. As long as you have proper shoes. *Looks down at our feet.* Ohh..

Everyone in the group was wearing sneakers. I was the only one testing out my hiking boots.

The above excerpt was drafted in June two years ago. This year, I finally visited Glen Onoko again; with the same hiking boots I was testing out two years ago. Still one of my favorite hikes in the area! 🍁 Beautiful views, a bit of work but not extremely difficult. This year we were treated with fall colors and strong waterfalls from the rain the night before.

Visiting in June vs November made a huge difference. In June, arriving at 10:30 AM meant having to circle the parking lots to find a spot. In November, two of the four lots were empty. The other two had a couple of cars.

We parked at the second lot, the one with the cave. 🔦 Bring a flashlight if you want to check-out the cave. It’s wide but not very shallow. You’ll come to the end where you can look out at the river. It’s okay to skip this. When you walk across the bridge towards the trail, you’ll have the same view.

At the end of the bridge, you see a sign and steps on your right:

  1. Go down the steps

  2. Turn right

  3. Pass under the drippy railroad tracks

  4. At the big Welcome to Glen Onoko sign, go left

Going left at the big Glen Onoko sign will take you to the waterfalls. This is also the route I would recommend you take. ❗Tip: Go up the waterfall side and down the trees side 🌳 Put in a little effort climbing up the big rocks on the waterfalls side, enjoy the view of the waterfalls then take a stroll along the trail to get back to the start.

Early in the hike, you’ll have to cross some water. ❗Tip: Waterproof, good grip shoes highly recommended. The group in front of us were struggling a bit to cross the water so we watched and cheered them on. Two of the guys in the group in front of us offered their hands to help us get up the big rock after they finished crossing. Thanks guys!

They stopped for pictures on a big rock while we forged ahead. We stayed to the left which ended up making us have to cross a wider area with water. If you stayed to the right, you’ll walk up a slanted hill. Water was more fun 😆 “All the rocks move.”

It’s easy to follow the waterfall trail. There’s nowhere you could really go to stray away from the trail. When you finally get to the top, take a break, enjoy the view, stay hydrated! The hike in the summer felt a lot more difficult than in autumn.

Continue right after your break. When you see a big giant rock - pictured below with Fu on top - go right for a shorter walk back to the start.

The waterfalls are so close to the beginning of the trail. If you still have time and energy when you finish the trail, you can go back to the waterfalls to sit and enjoy. We did this during our summer visit.

Here is a couple more of my favorite pictures and a video Amelia took of me struggling to cross the water 🙈 If you have any specific questions about this hike, let me know!

The struggle 😆

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