Goodbye Glen Onoko Falls

Went to hike Glen Onoko Falls one last time the last weekend of April before it was closed off. Hopefully only temporarily. 🤞

The trail has reported many injuries. It is also difficult for rescue squads to reach the injured person. The trail is a bit slippery at points but nothing I felt someone who wore proper footwear and stayed on the trail would get extremely injuried on. Not as many as reported at least.

On this weekend, all the parking lots were full. People were parked on the side of the road. If a cop wanted to come ticket illegal parking, they would quickly meet their quota for the day.

We had quick conversations with lots of people who came for the first time to check out the trail before it was closed. All were sad about the closing. It is such a beautiful place that is not extremely difficult to get to to enjoy.

At certain points of the waterfall sections, there were people who were walking on the slippery rocks over steep falls. One wrong step and they would be seriously injuried. Those were the people ruining it for everyone else. There are other parts of the trail were you could safely get behind waterfalls but they needed to be special.

I feel like those are the people who should be heavily fined and banned when they end up needing to be rescued. Don't close the trail for the rest of us who are there to safely enjoy the area. But what's done is done. The trail is now closed. What we can do now is work with the city to figure out a safer way for this trail to be opened again. 😔