My 5 Love Language

I have been binge listening to the Asian Boss Girl podcast. On one episode (21), they talked about their results for the 5 Love Language test.

Here are my results:

1) Quality Time

2) Acts of Service

3) Words of Affirmation

4) Receiving Gifts

5) Physical Touch

I remember taking this once a year or two ago. At that time, I know Physical Touch was at the top. I was talking to Fu about it last night. He mentioned that he feels it depends a lot on your current mood and state of mind. I believe this is very true.

I am a very cuddly person. When I took this quiz previously, I wasn't in a relationship and probably just wanted to hold someone and cuddle with someone. When I took the quiz this week, I am in a relationship so I get lots of cuddles so I don't crave that as much. What I have been yearning for is chill time with old friends and active support. The timing couldn't be more perfect because earlier in the week, I had just made an Instagram story post thanking JieYi for being an active supporter and friend. She will help out any way that she can whether I need help with doing something specific like making a light-up tutu or just from talking with her about something I am interested in pursuing. I don't have to ask for help with what I am pursuing. Most of the time, I don't even know where to start or if I really want to do it but the next day, she will have a task for me or someone for me to connect with to figure it out. Thank you so so much for this!! 💕

This week, I also learned to separate those "active" friends from "fun" friends. There are a ton of "fun" friends that I have always held very close and to a higher level of expectation because they have been around since childhood. I am someone who is constantly reminiscing about the good old times. I always wish we were back in those simple times of hanging out on each other's steps laughing about who knows what and talking about the future. Now all I talk about is the past.

Being able to distinguish between "active" and "fun" friends let me drop my expectations on the fun-friends. I know that we will always have a great time when we are together, laughing until we're crying but I cannot depend on them for support in any way. Some only reach out when people who can boost them are busy. Others say they want to help but they don't take action. Nothing against them as a person. It's just who they are. I have always known those things about them but I keep hoping for more from them which always leds me to being disappointed. Well, disappointment no more! Let's just have fun. 🥳

For my Words of Affirmation results, I like when people randomly tell me something supportive or how great I am doing at something not because we are talking about it and it's like "yeah! You can do it!" but just randomly. Out of nowhere. As I am doing it but not really thinking about it or after. It shows that they are paying attention.

For Receiving Gifts, also random. I don't care to receive gifts during birthdays and holidays. Partly because I don't like to HAVE to find something to get someone. And I don't want people to feel they HAVE to get me something either. I like random gifts. The "I saw this and thought of you" ones. Or the "I know you've been stress, here is some Karma and bubble tea." 😆

I am glad I had that mental/emotional breakdown earlier in the week. It was much needed. Too much was running through my mind to not let it all out. Thank you Fu for calling at the perfect time and always listening to me and always feeding me. 😛

🖱 You can check out ABG podcast episode I was mentioning here.