No Sunflowers But We A Gucci Gang 🌻

🤣 Allow me to explain the title. Thuy called on Easter wanting to go to a sunflower field. It was about 11:30 AM when she called. Fu was doing laundry and wouldn't be over until 12:30 PM. The field was about an hour away. I needed to pick up Gauri at the airport at 4:30 PM. But you know what? Lego! 😆 We’d have about an hour at the field.

So! Thuy and Fu came over, we are making our way to the sunflower fields, we are about 20 minutes away when Thuy’s friend texted her and says “don't come here. There are no sunflowers.” 😲 Thuy calls her friend who told us she just talked to the car wash people. The sunflower seeds were just planted for the season and would take about two months to bloom. 🤣 The field is right next to a car wash named “Please Wash Me Inc.”

We pulled into a pitstop to look up a lavender field. It was an hour away the opposite direction of the airport. We looked up an alpaca farm but they were closed for Easter. BUT we had the best laugh out of a review about the farm. 🦙

😂😂😂 “Dummy lit” and “Gucci gang” became a key in our vocabulary the rest of the day. We would have yelled more lyrics but that song has no other lyrics - Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang.

Since this dummy lit farm was out of the question, we found a “pleasure garden” that was open even during Easter and closer to the airport so off we went!

Chanticleer Garden

  • $10 admission

  • Peaceful little place

  • Friendly staff and fellow visitors

  • Lots of open space

  • Areas available to picnic with tables or you can sit on the grass

  • Small hills for kids to roll down

I told Fu he was going to be our photographer and behind the scenes guy for the day. I think he did very well on his first day on the job! B+ 🤓👍

Had some good laughs and some really good Indian food for dinner so I would call it a successful day!