Please Touch :: Drones :: Snow

It’s so cold this week! Here are some pictures and clips from when Thuy and I went out flying after a snow day in January and a shot from this week.

I was doing research for somewhere that would have a nice aerial shot. Decided on the Please Touch Museum. #pleasetouch🤚

There were trucks out clearing off the snow directly outside the museum so we went to the surrounding area to not get in their way.

We would play in the snow, run back to the car to warm up our hands, drink some tea then run back out to play some more. 🥶

highlights of our day:

😁 I learned how to takeoff and catch my drone in my hand!

🤭 Thuy lost the tip of her nail catching my drone

😑 I’m starting to get used to my screen blacking out .. Don't know the cause. Happened twice now. I freaked out both time and flew it back right away. It's just starting to feel normal so as long as I can see it. I can fly it back

🤤 We got breakfast at Ting Wong. Haven't been to in a while. The soy sauce pan fried noodles were super crispy. Just like I remember them 😌

Had to roll around it this week since it's probably the last snow days of the season ☃️