Ubud Massages: 3 Days, 3 Kinds, 3 Different Price Ranges

Fu’s first massages! Lo didn’t come along but not for the reason we originally thought:

🐑 Is it because you’re ticklish?

🐍 No, it hurts. I’m all bones! So when they massage me it’s just rubbing on bones.

🐑 🤣

Fu and I knew we wanted to get massages during this trip but don’t know why we waited until the last three days to do them. Nonetheless, we got to experience three different types of massages. Fu took a nap during two of them. I would probably not do one of them again.

Day 1 at Beji Ayu 😌

Traditional Balinese Massage

I went into this not know what a Balinese massage is supposed to feel like. I was just looking to relax. I’m doing some research now about what a “real” Balinese massage is supposed to consists of. I think we got a good couple of traditional techniques during our massage. From what I’m reading, a Balinese massage consists of:

  • Scented oils

  • Rolling of the skin

  • Cupping the hands together and clapping them up and down the back

  • Acupressure (applying pressure to acupoints)

  • Long gentle strokes

  • Deep tissue

At Beji Ayu, I think we got all of that except the deep tissue. I am not complaining because I learned from my very first deep tissue massage that it is not for me.

Ayu is a Balinese word for deep beauty - both inner and outer - that can be perceived by others from one’s behavior: a relaxed glow, good - will towards others, and a warm -hearted presence.

I really like that.

Anyway! Look pass the old floor, walls and ceiling design and enjoy the massage. This place is tucked away in a little alley right off the busy streets near the Ubud Market. It wasn’t hard to find with Google Maps.

It was quiet and empty when we first arrived. The interior reminded me of a simple house. We didn’t know where all the workers were but we needed to use the bathroom. 😅 Someone eventually heard us and came out to greet us and point us to the bathroom.

We didn’t have a reservation when we first arrived. They were busy with other guest but had any availability for two Balinese massage in an hour. We made our reservation and went to wander.

When we got back, they provided us robes and showed us to the locker rooms. There are separate male vs female locker rooms. Each locker room had a shower. They told us we could take a quick rinse before we got our massages. This noob that Fu was, he wore his pants and his belt into the massage room. The lady was like take it off. 🤣

The one wall of the room we were in had a big opening. Being in an alleyway with less foot traffic was good because it was more peaceful that way.

There was a bowl of flower petal for you to look at when you laid down on the massage bed. After a minute you will have your eyes closed anyway but this was a thoughtful touch.

The massage was so good Fu feel asleep twice! 😂 It was gentle and very relaxing. I probably could have feel asleep if I wasn’t trying to follow the movements.

The oil that they used smelled really good. We asked them about it afterward and was told it was lemongrass. That was surprising cause I normally don’t like lemongrass. We ended up buying a lemongrass and harmony one.

Lemongrass oil ingredients: coconut oil, lemongrass oil, ginger oil, and lemon oil

Harmony oil ingredients: coconut oil, cananga oil, cubeb oil, ginger oil, nutmeg oil, patchouli oil and styrax benzoin extract

They told us we could shower afterward. I thought this was odd. Was never told to shower after a message before. Maybe they were worried we would feel uncomfortable walking around with all the oil on our skin. I just did a quick rinse.

I would definitely come back here again for another massage. We even got complimentary hot banana fritters and tea!

🕐 1 hour

💰 298000 IDR + tip

📍 Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Day 2 at StarChild 2 ♨️

Deep Tissue + HOT Stone Massage

Another alley location. Closer to the main road. Not too close to Ubud Market though. This one was a bit more modern looking. The room we were in had a big stone bathtub and a shower.

We wanted to try something different this time. Hot stones! I was going back and forth about trying this. I don’t like the feeling when I get too hot. But their list of selections said “warm” stones so I was like what the heck! Let’s do it!

It was … nice and painful. 😅 My masseuse could definitely kill people with her thumbs if she wanted to. Fu asked me when we were done if I was also in pain. 🤣 We didn't realize a deep tissue massage went along with the stone massage until we read the description afterward.

Warm stones and traditional Balinese-style massage techniques are combined in this deep tissue massage, which is especially effective in relieving muscular tension, problems and pains in the hips, neck and shoulders.

I was too focus on how painful this massage was to worry about anything else LOL There were a few moments of relaxation though. I noticed there were a few techniques similar to our previous massage. There was definitely the cupping the hands together and clapping them on the back.

The “warm” stones were HOT. 🔥 How do their hands deal with it!? It felt almost burning when the stone first touched my skin. It felt better as they started to run the stones along my body. Then it got HOT again when they placed it in it’s spot. She got done placing the stones on one side of my leg before I asked that we don’t place the stones on anymore. I was okay with the rubbing but placing them was too hot for me.

The one thing I didn’t like about this place was that we could hear people outside and in the other rooms. The walls don’t go all the way up so we could hear people talking in the room next door at times.

i did like the drinks and fresh fruit they gave us after though.

🕜 1.5 hours

💰 $35.76 USD + tip

📍 Sayan, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Note: As I am looking up the address, it looks like this place may be under new management and named: Eve Spa

Day 3 at Jaens Spa Shanti 🙆

Four Hour Massage Package

There are two locations for Jaens Spa. One called “Jaens Spa Ubud” near the monkey forest and this one, “Jaens Spa Shanti”. We chose this one because it was closer to our villa. I would recommend making a reservation a day or two before. Especially if you are doing a longer massage or package.

We wanted to try something different again. We looked at their online massage options and noticed a picture of someone getting a massage from two people at the same time. This was their Radja Synchronicity message. I’ve never seen it before. I also wanted to try a scrub. We ended up deciding on the Radja Nenda Spa Package. This came with:

  • Radja Synchronicity massage

  • Scrub or mask (we picked scrub)

  • Flower bath (always wanted to do this! 🌺)

  • Facial treatment (we did the Biokos Natural Facial because we didn’t want to do the cucumber one)

  • Hair creme bath (omg this was heavenly! 🤩)

  • Food and drinks

We started off with a drink and a survey. The survey asks things like how would we like the temperature of the room, how more pressure we liked for our massage, and whether we have any physical pain or medical conditions they should be aware of. After that is done, a lady confirmed which package we wanted to do. She showed us a list with the different types of scrub and mask with the ingredients and explanation of the benefits of each. She also let us smell the different scents. We ended up picking the Green Tea Scrub and Franginfani for our facials. Then she showed us a menu for our food options. We chose the babi guling. I wanted to have babi guling one more time before we left so this was perfect. She let us pick whether we wanted to eat halfway through our treatments or after we were done. We picked to wait until we were done.

Before entering the massage room, someone washed our feet and gave us slippers. I always feel weird about people washing my feet. Not cause I’m ticklish or anything.

The massage room was dark, completely closed off with a stone bathtub and a shower in one corner. They provided us with a robe and underwear. We were kind of confused about the underwear so we just kept ours on and left the ones they gave us on the table. It made sense later why we should have changed.

The radja synchronize massage is a game changer! It was a full body massage at one time. They massaged my legs and arms/back all at once instead of focusing on one area. Fu fell asleep again. 😆 The ladies and I were just giggling about it. 😛 I was focused on feeling the movement and being impressed at how synchronized they were. I wonder what kind of training they have to go through for this.

The scrub was a bit chilly. It felt like a facial scrub with all the little pebbles but all over your body instead. The lady rubbed the scrub all over then put the cove back over me. I laid there for a bit before she comes back to check if the scrub is dried. When it is, she’ll gently brush everything off.

Next is why you want to change into the underwear they gave you. After the scrub was brushed off, she asked me to stand and covered me with a quick yogurt layer. I think this was to get all the stuff from the scrub off. She asked me to stand then began to rub the yogurt all over. It was very cooling. I liked it. It was a milkier texture than a thick cream so it drips down all over you soo .. change your underwear.

Right after, she told me I could get in the flower bath. Another reason to change into the other underwear because everyone is still in the room when you get in so there is no time to change into the one they gave us before.

I could hear them preparing the bath during the massage. That was a bit distracting. It might not have said so warm if they prepared it beforehand though. Fu didn’t really want to do the flower bath so they gave him an extra 15 minutes for his massage before doing the scrub and yogurt. He still had to get in to shower off all the yogurt. I always wanted to do a flower bath because it looks so pretty online. Which I guess would only be worth it if I were planning to take pictures. I didn’t take any pictures. I was more playing with all the flowers, lime slices and lemongrass sticks. It was nice for the first couple minutes but then felt like a hot tub, too hot. And the tub was a bit uncomfortable. When I didn’t have my hands at the bottom of the tub, I would slide dip in to where the water almost went over my chin.

I learned here that facials are not for me. First, they did a facial massage. Then some kind of thin mask. While the mask was drying, they brought over a steamer that was steaming my face. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. A couple more minutes and I would have had a nervous breakdown.

We ended our experience with a hair creme treatment and a head massage. Omg I would do this once a week if I could. First they washing our hair. Then they put some kind of creme in it and massages our heads while the creme was in there. Felt similar to the cooling yogurt. They left the creme in there for a bit while they massaged our arms and hands. It was a really nice way to end the trip. The creme is washed out before they spray something to finish it all up. I wasn’t a fan of the smell of the spray. I ended up going home and washing my hair because of the smell. But some people might like it.

Dinner was served by the entrance of the spa. There was a small single table set up. One of the better babi guling skins I’ve had this trip!

Oh yeah! They also offer a car service. We had trouble calling a Grab to get back to our villa. It was dark out and there were no taxis nearby. We remembered when we were called to book yesterday that they asked if we needed a pickup. They told us the price but we opted not to. I don’t know if they only charge for pickups but they offered to drop us off at our villa for free.

Although we enjoyed this four hour experience. It felt too much for one session. We agreed that two hours would probably be ideal. Two hours one day then coming back for more two hours of something else. DO THE HAIR CREME BATH!!

🕓 4 hours

💰 1858950 IDR + tip

📍 Sayan, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

This whole experience left us feeling like a #brandnewbabyduck 🐣🤣 We enjoyed each massage with its unique, sometimes painful, techniques and would do more massages in the future. I liked doing the massages in the late afternoon so we could feel nice and calm, go to dinner or go home and relax.

Now I need to find somewhere back home that has a hair creme head massage.