Weekend in Hotlanta 🍑

I had flight credit from Spirit I had to use. My coworker was recently talking about Atlanta and I remembered hearing it had a nice aquarium so Atlanta we went! We were mostly northeast of downtown Atlanta. Didn’t do too too much since it was so hot and humid out. We felt dehydrated and exhausted even though we really only did one thing a day and eat. It was a good trip though. We learned some new things about each other, binged watched Blown Away on Netflix, went to a rave where the floor was vibrating, made beluga whale noises and learned that whale sharks are part of the shark family, not the whale family. #medusainspired

Saturday ⚡ How I Imagined

Arrived in Atlanta about 9 AM. Took a Lyft to Piedmont Park for their Saturday farmer’s market. There were so many big fluffy dogs!! 😍 I was in heaven and hell at the same time! I wanted to pet all of them but didn’t want to bother people as they shopped and didn’t want to pet the dogs without permission unless they came up to me first. 🐶 Dog petting count: 3

We tried some samples and got a Benedict crepe. We also checked out a chef’s demo. The chef made salmon mushroom risotto, chicken salad with a house-made avocado dressing and a blueberry pineapple smoothie. Tried so much stuff at the market I can’t pinpoint what made my stomach hurt after. 😖

Still went for more food though! Fu was excited to try Atlanta’s fried chicken. We went to Gus’ World Famous Hot & Spicy Fried Chicken 🐔 They only serve one flavor of fried chicken. Spicy. It wasn’t very spicy though so it is still edible for people like me who like spice but can’t eat too much of it. We also had fried pickles and potato salad. Both were really good. Potato salad came out cold. Fried pickles came out very hot. Don’t bite into it right away! The fried pickle batter was good. Tried to do some research as to why white bread is served with fried chicken. I assume that it helps soak up the chicken oil. Research doesn’t tell me much but some articles did say that. If that is the only reason for the bread, I think we should consider stopping that tradition. It is a waste of food that we could be feeding to someone who needs food.

Now that food coma has hit, we checked into our Airbnb. Started watching Blown Away on Netflix. I really liked it. Reminded me that I still want to try glass blowing. Took a nap before heading to Believe Music Hall for Matisse & Sadko.

The venue outside looked like a church. 📁 *Researching: It was a church! And founded in partnership with the same people who created Imagine Festival. I wasn’t in the rave scene early. I just started three years ago but this place made me feel like what a rave venue should be like. Friendly people coming together for the music. The dance floor was small but it felt roomy. Tickets were only $13! That is no longer possible in Philly. VIP tickets were $35! That’s how much general admission tickets for an overpacked place with a generally crappy crowd in Philly is now. 😪

Cheap tickets, lasers, floors that vibrate when the bass is loud, friendly crowd, performers, grassy area outside with music to continue partying while you wait for your ride. I would come back here for this if the artist is right and flights are relatively cheap at the time.

Sunday 🌱 Flowers and Food

Got up early to get to Atlanta Botanical Garden right when they opened. 1) To avoid the crowds and 2) to avoid the afternoon heat. We got there at 9:30 AM, 30 minutes after they opened, and there was already a bunch of people. We tried to find the most efficient route using the guide book. Saw most things before it started getting really hot. By then, I just wanted to sit in the shade.

There is currently an exhibit called Imaginary Worlds: Alice's Wonderland. It’s four Alice in Wonderland inspired exhibits. I never read the books or saw the movies. I only know she falls into a rabbit hole and does drugs. When we went back to the house, we watched a couple of YouTube videos that broke down the original story. Didn’t get far before we stopped. Basically, she does a bunch of drugs. The cat looking over her “sleeping”, sea foam looking body was creepy. It looked like he was looking into your soul and trying to mess with it.

My favorite was the pegasus and mammoth. The placement of the mammoth within the trees was perfect. I turned around and whoa! Hidden and silent.

We tried to fly the drone a couple of times but there was too much “magnetic interference”. I also forgot to charge them so they would have only been able to be up for a minute before it auto landed. Good thing we didn’t wake up super early to go flying as we planned too. 🙈

There is a playground and area with sprinklers for kids to play, a cafe, a restaurant and a couple of places to sit indoors or outdoors. Not a bad place to visit on days it’s nice out and you just want to sit outside and relax. And their cafe brownie is soooo good! We went back for a second one.

When our stomachs started screaming and the heat was on full blast, we took a Lyft to Krog’s Market for food. Got a lambada roll from MakiMoni and “The Skouk” from Yala. Both were good. The sushi was really good.

Walked two blocks down to Revolution Doughnuts & Coffee. Steven gave me a mission to try their peach slider. It was good but nothing special. Just a sugar donut cut in half with slices of peach inside.

Checked out Krog Tunnel then back to the house. Finished binge watching Blown Away. Got some Five Guys delivered through DoorDash.

Monday 🐳 The reason I wanted to visit Atlanta

Had lunch at Fox Bros BBQ. Not the reason I am visiting Atlanta but Fu likes BBQ. It was Monday and only 30 minutes after they opened but the place was full. Our driver said on weekends, there are lines outside as soon as they open.

Georgia Aquarium! The main reason I came here. For being the fourth largest aquarium in the world, it did not have as many individual exhibits as I thought it would. However, I enjoyed the layout of the building and the exhibits they did offer. The beluga whale exhibit was probably my favorite. There weren’t many people there so it was much quieter and there was one particular whale that kept circling and purposely bumping into the glass that kept me entertained. Was probably trying to scratch its back or was bored.

I would describe the building layout like a flower. Don’t look it up though, it doesn’t actually look like a flower. That’s just how I would describe it. You enter the exhibit and get looped back out near where you entered.

The dolphins show was fun to watch. They did tricks I haven’t seen at other dolphin shows. The trainers are also in the water with them. They also make hugeee waves! 🌊 Go find a seat at least 30 minutes before showtime if you want a middle seat. Otherwise, there are still plenty of other seats. There is also a section for reserved seating. It wasn’t filled up when the show started but they don’t let you move to those seats. Please don’t give the workers a hard time about it. They’re just doing their job. We saw two different people giving them attitude and pretty much yelling at them for not letting them sit there.

There is also a sea lion show. The seating for this is a bit smaller so 30 minutes before is a good idea for this one. Don’t worry about getting blocked by a pole where you are sitting. There are 3-4 sea lions out performing at a time so everyone can see at least one of them.

❗️Tip: Go after 4 PM. It is cheaper and much less crowded. We got there around 2 PM. The amount of people in that two hour greatly decreased.

Kept with our tradition of eating seafood after the aquarium, we went to Eight Sushi Lounge.

Then picked up our bags from the house and food to the airport. As the busiest airport in the world, I would recommend going a bit earlier. We have Global Entry so getting through security was quick but getting to our gate took some time. And it was super packed so you can’t just run through the halls.

Final Thoughts On Atlanta 💭

I would come back. There are a couple places in and around Atlanta I still want to check out. There were plenty of food options and the people were generally nice. It is becoming very gentrified. We were talking to one of our Lyft drivers around it. It’s the same thing that is happening to Philly. I don’t like it. There is a line between fixing what is broken and going overboard. We are losing what our communities. I don’t want to be the next New York!

🖱️ If you want to get $7 off your first $10+ order from DoorDash, use my referral link. We ordered dinner every night. It cost less for delivery than it would have for us to take a Lyft to and from dinner. And if you have anywhere or anything you would recommend the next time we visit Atlanta, let me know!