Home Based Traveler: Nikoleta, Vienna & Enjoying Youth

Nikoleta is a full time student and volunteer based in Vienna, Austria where she moved to when she was 13. It just so happens that Vienna is also her favorite place! With something to do for every type of person whether it is someone who enjoys being more active or someone who loves history. She also has one great rule when traveling with her family. A rule that many of us could use.

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Sabine's Lunar New Year in China

Guest Post: Meet Sabine! She introduced herself as a martial artist and nomad by heart. Her zodiac sign is the monkey (it’s her year! Wear red!) and she is on a quest through China to find the Kung Fu school that is right for her and just recently settled on one.

Sabine celebrated her first LNY in China three years ago and is not sure she really wants to do it again. Let’s find out why!

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