How did I get into dragon boat?

Let's start with saying that I am not an athletics person at all. I did a couple of cardio classes here and there but nothing serious or long term. Dragon boat was one of the main random things on my bucket list that I wanted to try out. A friend of a friend was on a dragon boat team and said I could come try it out at the end of summer 2016. Scheduling wasn't working out with already planned vacations.

Come January/February - crazy friend was doing winter training with Pennsylvania Dragon Boat Club - getting some free workouts in. When I got back from Arizona, I decided to join the free workout. To be totally honest, I went thinking I was just going to get a free workout in and get dragon boat checked off my bucket list. After the first day working out with them, I was strongly convinced that I would like these people - lucky them =P

Why did I officially join?

The team felt like a family from the very first day I met them. Lots of teams and groups say that but I actually felt it. Everyone was extremely encouraging and welcoming to the newbies and each other. With such a big group, it was refreshing to not feel like mean girls.

Except for the protective big brothers. One of the babies of the group has a boo she started talking to. Of course the big brothers needed an intimidating "if you hurt her" picture to send to the guy XD

Why am I still here?

Well, it hasn't even been a year yet and I just finally started getting into the mindset of working out and eating somewhat healthy - but the commitment and energy of the team is what is keeping me around the most.

I am so thankful to have meet this supportive, dedicated, kind of dorky, pho loving group of people and have them be a part of my life!

Plus, they said they would train me to do my one pull up. Another bucket list item =P Oh and I get urges to work on the erg machine all the time now - who does that!


So what are you waiting for?

Check us out at the team's main site for the team and dragon boat details.

If you have specific questions, send me a message! Or you can contact PDBC directly. President Henry loves talking to new people =)

See you on the water!