Vietnam! πŸ‡»πŸ‡³

Loose Itinerary

  • Meet Thuy in Da Nang

  • Day in Da Nang: Golden Bridge (hand), Ba Na Hills cable car & French castle, ChΓΉa Linh Ứng (giant lady buddha and view)

  • Bach Ma National Park

  • ❗Look for a private car for tomorrow

  • Night in Da Nang (Wed) 😴 (Dragon bridge, Han River bridge - lights up at night)

  • My Son, Marble Mountain, Hoi An, basket boat, floating lanterns

  • Night in Hoi An (Thurs) 😴

  • Wing it a bit

  • Hue (Ngo Mon gate, Imperial City)

  • ❓ (Fri) 😴

  • Wing it some more

  • Fly to Da Nang

  • ❓ (Sat) 😴

  • Meet Lolo Sunday

  • Meet Fu, his mom, Steph Sunday night

  • Drop stuff off at Airbnb

  • Night train to Sapa (Sun) 😴

  • Sapa for a day

  • Night in Sapa (Mon) 😴

  • More of Sapa/surrounding area

  • Night train back to Hanoi (Tues) 😴

  • Pick up stuff from Airbnb

  • Hanoi to Ha Long Bay shuttle

  • Ha Long Bay cruise for 2 nights (Wed, Thurs) 😴

  • Back to Hanoi (Fri) 😴

  • Spend a day/peace out ✌️

Short Sapa Option

  • Night train to Sapa (Sun) 😴

  • Sapa for the day

  • Night train back to Hanoi (Mon) 😴

  • Hanoi for the day

  • Night in Hanoi (Tues) 😴

  • Hanoi to Ha Long Bay

  • Ha Long Bay cruise for 2 nights (Wed, Thurs) 😴

  • Back to Hanoi (Fri) 😴

Sapa Things

  • How to get from/to train station (will be 6 AM/9 PM ish)

    • Bunch of drivers will come up to you once the train stops. Keep in mind how much you want to pay. If you booked a Sapa tour, see if they have a pick-up)

  • Sunrise spots πŸŒ„

  • Where to sleep

  • Sapa town/market

    • We were right in town. Didn’t even need to look for it

  • Love Waterfall (can go swimming!)

  • Ta Phin Village πŸ€”

  • Lao Chai

  • Cat Cat Village

Sapa Train:

  • Sapaly Express

  • Chapa Express

  • Fanxipan Express

Sapa Tour Options

  1. Rice terrance and mountain trek (This is the one we did. Highly recommend!)

  2. Sapa Tour with Pham


  • Hoi An (pretty at night, 20 minute boat tour with floating lanterns, basket boats, banh chuoi Thai - banana pancake)

  • Da Nang (hand bridge)

  • Ba Na Hills (longest nonstop single cable car, French castle, Linh Chua Linh Tu temple)

  • Bach Ma National Park**

  • Phong Nha National Park**

  • Nearest urban area: Dong Hoi

  • My Son Ancient Cham City (temple) (3 hours from Da Nang)

  • Hue (Ngo Mon gate)


  • Hanoi (train street)

  • Sapa (mountains, rice patties)

  • Lao Chai, Cat Cat, and Ta Phin village (handmade stuff! - just outside Sapa)

  • Ha Long Bay 😍 (I'll bring you the unicorn, Fu πŸ¦„)

  • Bai Tu Long Bay (more private than Ha Long. Only Indochina Junk, Dragon’s Pearl boat can archor there so it's private)

  • Ninh Binh (TrΓ ng an scenic landscape complex; Mua Caves)

  • Moc Chau (really green)

Super super north but oh so pretty Vietnam

  • Ban Gioc Waterfall

  • Cao Bang (cascading waterfalls)

  • Ha Giang (need a permit for certain parts ❗)

Airport Options πŸš€

  • Hanoi

  • Da Nang

Missions 😼

  • 🏍️ Rent motorcycles/scooters/mopeds

  • πŸ‹ Sneak into a fancy hotel pool

  • 🌊 Jump off the boat

  • 🐠 Hoi An basket boats

  • β›΅ Floating lanterns

Food Missions

Hoi An

  • Cao lau

  • Coconut dessert


  • Egg coffee

  • Breakfast on skillet with pate

Things to note

  • Vinasun Taxi (starts at $8 VND flat rate)

  • Grab app

Links πŸ–±οΈ

(counting bail money for Fu's πŸ™…πŸ‘– fund)

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