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My favorite thing to collect when traveling are postcards! It is usually pretty easy to find, cheap, does not take up much storage space and is personalized based on each location and message written.

Starting August 17, 2016 I will be in contact to let you know who you will exchange postcards and connect with. It will be a great opportunity to connect with fellow bloggers from all over the world and possibly be inspired to visit somewhere new someday.

Get creative with your postcard! Draw something, write a poem, maybe even use your own photo! It doesn't have to be a postcard from where you are based. You can send one during a trip or collect some extras to send later on.

General Breakdown

  • I will contact you on the 17th every 2 months
  • Connect with your partner during this time - get to know them and find out where to send the postcard
  • Send a postcard to your pen-pal anytime before our next exchange
  • Optional: Share the postcard you received with a story if you have ever there. If you've never been there, what are a couple things you would like to eat, do or see when you do visit?

Feel free to send me postcards at any time and let me know if you want one while I am traveling too!

Jojo Lam
PO Box 63643
Philadelphia, PA 19147